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Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi are moving forward with plans to open casinos in the United Arab ...
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Bill Hornbuckle, CEO of MGM Resorts International, remains optimistic about the UAE’s potential to emerge as a leading ...
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The shimmering skyline of Dubai, known for its luxurious shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a vibrant nightlife scene, may ...
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In a surprise move, Caesars Palace Dubai announced on September 13 that it would shutter its operations on ...
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In a groundbreaking leap into uncharted territory, Wynn Resorts, the acclaimed casino titan hailing from the neon-lit streets ...
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In the dazzling city of Dubai, where luxury and extravagance know no bounds, a timeless sport has captured ...
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Baseball United, the pioneering professional baseball league focused on the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent, has announced a ...
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Gambling has been prohibited in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since its formation in 1971. However, in recent ...
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MGM Resorts International, a prominent global gaming and hospitality giant, has its sights set on the United Arab ...

Dubai Gambling News

Gambling is currently prohibited in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Dubai. However, there has been some recent speculation that the government may be considering legalizing gambling in the near future.

In May 2023, MGM Resorts International CEO Bill Hornbuckle said that he was optimistic that the UAE would at least consider the matter by the end of summer 2023. He noted that the potential launch of gambling in Dubai is what matters the most to his company.

Other casino operators have also expressed interest in the UAE market. Wynn Resorts is building a multibillion-dollar property in Ras Al Khaimah, and the company has said that it would be open to adding gambling to the resort if the government allows it.

The UAE government has not yet made any official announcements about the potential legalization of gambling. However, the recent interest from casino operators suggests that the government is at least considering the matter.

If the UAE does legalize gambling, it is likely that it would be limited to certain areas, such as casinos and hotels. It is also possible that the government would impose restrictions on who could gamble, such as requiring that they be foreign nationals.

The legalization of gambling in Dubai would have a significant impact on the city’s tourism industry. It would attract new visitors who are interested in gambling, and it would also generate additional revenue for the government.

However, there are also some potential concerns about the legalization of gambling in Dubai. Some people worry that it could lead to increased crime and social problems. Others worry that it could attract the wrong kind of tourists to the city.

Only time will tell if the UAE government will legalize gambling in Dubai. However, the recent interest from casino operators suggests that the possibility is becoming more realistic.

In addition to the above, here are some other recent news headlines about Dubai gambling:

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